Is Net Promoter® Score a useful system to increase profits?

Having implemented the Net-Promoter Score for a few years now, I can finally take a moment and write about those experiences and draw some conclusions.

In this opportunity I will address the issue of «actionable feedback» as a required matter for this methodology to achieve what it was created for.

Many businesses I`ve seen have implemented the Net Promoter Score as a solution to improve their customer experience, loyalty and to differentiate themselves from other businesses with the expectation that sustainable growth and incresed profits will come as a result.

What businesses often overlook – or don`t understand – however, is that NPS is a long term journey that involves the entire organization and that the feedback provided (systematically) by their customers will only be useful if the company can act on it. Knowing that strong customer loyalty is crucial for a business’ growth, it can be safely stated that a tool to measure this would also be of benefit, but again, only if it is possible to act on it.

«Closing the loop» with customers is a necessary process that enables companies to improve their product or service by encouraging customers to leave additional feedback based on their score and distributing that feedback in real time back through your employees to proactively address problems and boost customer loyalty and achieve profitable growth.

Acting on customer feedback in real time will allow your organization to engage not only customers but also engage employees by sharing best practices and creating clear accountability that can be followed up and rewarded.

Loyalty Metrics provides actionable feedback in real time with access to an online dashboard with all customer experience metrics (Net Promoter Score etc.) to improve customer experience and sustainable growth.

We provide the full service of designing the best way to get actionable feedback to our clients and providing them with access to online dashboards with key customer experience metrics and insights so that they can focus on their business while we focus on getting actionable feedback from their clients.

Acting on customer feedback is the key to success.

Rodrigo is an Entrepreneur and Net Promoter® Certified Associate at Satmetrix with a Master’s degree in management from Harvard University. He has implemented the Net Promoter Score in industries and countries throughout Latam.

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